We Have Two Fire Pits available to reserve out of eight:

They are available:

  • Saturday – Sunday 11:00 till 11 PM
  • Monday – Friday   5:00 – 11pm.
  • You can stay after 11:00 as we do not take reservations after this time

The Square Fire Pit:

  • $10 per hour to reserve and can be rented same day.

The Round Fire Pit:

  • Is only available in 2-hour blocks for $50 and must be rented 24 hours in advance.

Please read the rules

  • When arriving for your reservation if guests are sitting, please show your confirmation to them.  They will be aware that they are sitting at a reserved table.  The round fire pit will have your name and time on it since this is an advanced reservation. You do not need to check in with an employee and may seat yourself.  The table is clearly marked for reservations, but customers may be sitting till you arrive.
  • Your time starts on the reservation and if you show up late it will not be added to the time.
  • Do not keep your drinks next to the fire or they will get very hot.
  • You may stay after your reservation has ended if there is not another reservation.
  • If you get up and leave the table with no one left we will assume you have left and others may sit.
  • We do not offer refunds unless there is rain.  You do not have to reserve the fire pit as we have 7 others that are open.  You may show up and others are open.  You will not get a refund because the other fire pits have availability or if you booked the wrong date or time.  Please make certain of your date and time before reserving.
  • If there is rain and you cannot use the fire pit your money will be refunded.  Please email rdyerwrongiron@gmail.com for your refund.  Please do not call or ask a manager as they do not handle the refunds.