We have 4 options available for Game Day table reservations.

Reservations on the patio are non refundable unless weather related.  Porch and inside tables are non refundable unless the game is canceled.  You must have someone in your group arrive and be at the table 30 minutes before the start of the game.  We only accept a limited number of table reservations (Inside 2, Porch 2, Patio 6)

What you should know and rules

  1. You can come early and do your best to get a table.  You are not getting anything special or extra for buying a table other than the table.
  2. This table is for your group so if you buy a 20 top and only two people show for your group the rest of the table is now available for others to sit at.
  3.  You are agreeing to these terms when you purchase the table.  Thank you