Nickel Grabber Patio (Up to 30 Guests) Please see below for details

Nickel Grabber Patio (Up to 30 Guests) Please see below for details


Select your desired date below to check availability: The date will show green till all available times are filled. If the time you want is not listed it indicates that it is already reserved. We are working to have this changed to be more user friendly. Thank you

In some cases, we may be able to accommodate alternate timing for your party. Please use this field to request an alternate start time.


The Nickel Grabber Patio holds up to 30 guests.

If your party is larger, it can spill out on to our main patio and your guests may mix with our patrons.  We cannot reserve any of the main patio for events.

The Nickel Grabber Patio is available…

  • Monday – Friday  :  3pm til
  • Saturday & Sunday  :  12pm-4pm or 6pm-til

The Nickel Grabber Patio requires a $100 refundable deposit to get you on the calendar.

If you and/or your guests spend the minimum for that day you will receive your $100 deposit back. This refund can take up to 2 weeks after your party.

  • Sunday – Thursday – $50 minimum
  • Friday – Saturday – $100 minimum

Would you like unlimited fresh popcorn for your event?

Rent our popcorn machine and everything that goes with it for $50.

This area is not covered and we will not be able to accommodate your party for inclement weather.

Please see “Weather” in our additional terms below.

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